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Agios Ioannis Prodromos inspired the naming of Prodromos.

Prodromos is labelled with the same title as “Prodromo” on mediaeval maps, indicating its existence from the Middle Ages. According to historical accounts, during this time it was a fief, perhaps belonging to any of the two Marathas, as throughout the Frankish period Marathasa was divided into two large departments, one belonging to the king and the other to Earl Edessa.

Prodromos is a settlement in the province of Limassol that is part of the Southern Marathasa region.

Prodromos is located approximately 60 kilometres north of Limassol at an average elevation of 1,380 metres.

It borders the village of Pedoulas in the north, the monastery of Panagia Kykkou in the northwest, the village of Lemithou in the west, the village of Pano Platres in the southeast, and the village of Paliomilos in the southwest.