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Prodromos Village

a story of
many centuries

Prodromos, a story of many centuries

Agios Ioannis¬†Prodromos inspired the naming of Prodromos. Prodromos is labelled with the same title as “Prodromo” on mediaeval maps, indicating its existence from the Middle Ages. According to historical accounts, during this time it was a fief, perhaps belonging to any of the two Marathas, as throughout the Frankish period Marathasa was divided into two large departments, one belonging to the king and the other to Earl Edessa.


Ski Station
The majestic Troodos mountain with its lovely woods covers the majority of the west side of Cyprus, providing a cool refuge in the summertime and sporting opportunities in the winter. Near the summit of the Troodos Mountains, one may also discover Cyprus’s lone Ski Center. Under the lovely Mediterranean blue sky, one can indulge in the delights of winter activities here.

What to do

Few Words

Prodromos is packed with amazing and breathtaking sights. It is challenging to evaluate if it would be more beneficial to concentrate on natural, historical, or religious attractions. However, because to the abundance of interesting places to visit, it is possible for the typical traveller to experience all aspects of the world.


It is interesting to enhance our dining experience by considering the history and provenance of each dish. Tasting involves perceiving, appreciating, and assessing the flavour of any food.
The community of Prodromos provides lodging for visitors. The traveller can spend a day or more in the village and experience mountain and natural life.

Prodomos Village

Prodromos Village Map